Surcharge-Free ATMs

Don’t put up with the fees of a big national bank or pay to access money that’s already yours. We’ve partnered with the CO-OP Network to provide you surcharge-free access to ATMs all across the country. Whether you’re on the road from York to Presque Isle or Maine to Alaska, you will be able to find an ATM you can access without fees.

If you have a free Kasasa checking account and meet your monthly qualifiers, you'll never have to think about an ATM fee again! 

  • Find surcharge-free ATMs all over Maine and the U.S.
  • Make withdrawals at 230 location across the state
  • Over 30,000 free locations nationwide via the CO-OP Network
  • Surcharge-free deposits available at over 9,000 locations nationwide
  • Easily search for ATMs here in Maine or across the country through the CO-OP Network
Surcharge-Free ATMs

Access your money all over the country.