Signature Loans

Members with good credit histories may be eligible for a collateral-free signature loan. Rates are generally higher on unsecured loans, but this can be a useful option if you need extra funds in a hurry and have reliable income to repay the loan.

It’s the easiest way to get quick financing. And you’ll enjoy the best-in-class service of a credit union that puts your needs first.

  • No collateral necessary
  • Fast, streamlined application process
  • Available to members with good credit and current income
  • Local decision-making and processing in Southern Maine
Debt Cancellation

Debt Cancellation is an agreement between you and your credit union. It is not an insurance product, which means most borrowers are automatically eligible and can be covered immediately.

Debt Cancellation protects you by canceling some or all of your debts when a protected event occurs.

Talk to your financial service representative to find out the different levels of protection that are available, and decide which plan best fits your individual needs.

Signature Loans

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